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Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers are available for all therapies and make a wonderful gift for the recipient. Gift Vouchers can be customised to suit the occasion and the person depicting a hobby or interest which makes the gift unique.

Any event is suitable for a Gift Voucher - Birthday, Anniversary, Baby arrival, Best Wishes, Get Well, Congratulations, pre-Wedding for bride, bridesmaids, Mother of the Bride or Groom, Father's Day, Mother's Day.... there is no limit!

If you would like to discuss the options, please telephone, or use the email contact form. I'd be happy to help you!

Spinal Touch Back Therapy

A painless, "light touch" therapy using acupressure points.

The technique of spinal touch works by muscle relaxation and gently re-educating the body to return to a balanced centre of gravity, thereby relieving the distortion at the sacrum, relieving pressure on soft tissue and allowing the body the opportunity to self-heal.

Initial Consultation and treatment: £35.00 (1 hour approximately)
Subsequent treatments: £30.00


A very gentle form of reflexology as taught by Chris Stormer (widely known as the Universal Foot Lady!); Chris has written many books on the subject and lectured worldwide on reflexology.

Initial Consultation and treatment: £35.00 (1.5 hours)
Subsequent treatments: £30.00 (50-60 minutes)

Ear Candling
Using Biosun branded candles (sometimes referred to as Thermo-Auricular Therapy)

A very gentle, soothing and nurturing therapy, using branded Biosun ear candles approved by the Medical Devices Agency. The treatment is accompanied by gentle massage to the head and followed by a gentle facial massage.

Initial Consultation and treatment: £35.00 (1 hour)
Subsequent treatments: £27.50 (approximately 45/50 mins)

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Indian Head Massage

Also known as "Champissage" this therapy is applied to the upper back, shoulders, upper arms, neck, head, face and ears. If you spend many hours driving, using machinery or PCs where the muscles to the neck, shoulders and upper back can become very tense Indian Head Massage will support your well-being. Indian Head Massage can be calming and soothing or invigorating and energising depending upon the combination of massage movements employed.

Suitable for all ages and almost all conditions. If you use a computer for many hours, this therapy could be the one for you; working on muscles to the neck and shoulders reducing physical tension which may be caused by extensive PC use.

Essential oils can be applied to the scalp as part of an Indian Head Massage. The oil blend is individual to the Client and situation.

The facial massage is very relaxing and self-help techniques can also be taught for home use.

Initial Consultation and treatment: £40.00 (Up to 1.50 hours dependant upon client history/presentation)
Subsequent treatments: £27.50 ('dry') or £30.00 (with oil blend to suit)(35-45 mins)

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Maternity Reflexology

This can be used from Week 14 of your pregnancy. Pregnancy is a very special time, whether it is your first or subsequent pregnancy. Exercises and techniques can be used to prepare you for active birth leading to a labour which is within your control. Your birthing partner is welcome to attend with you during these sessions.

Initial Consultation and treatment: £45.00 (Allow 2 hours)
Subsequent treatments: £35.00 (approximately 1hr 15 mins)

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Hot & Cold Stone Prescriptive Massage

Hot & Cold Stone Therapy uses basalt stones which are placed upon the energy centres leaving you in a deep state of relaxation, cocooned and wrapped in warm towels. The heat from the stones combined eases tight muscles and increases circulation enhancing the body's natural ability to self-heal.

The therapy works on the whole body by treating prescriptively, and is supremely suited to those looking to alleviate a variety of conditions: stress release, relaxation, balancing the body holistically, injury and those who require work on specific areas of detoxification, deep body cleansing and acute pain relief.

During the treatment stones will be placed under and on the body, and then massage is carried out using smooth and rounded stones . The placing of the stones is precise and their temperature specifically calibrated for the work required. Chilled stones are also used where required in specific areas, and also generally to encourage efficient lymphatic drainage.

Back, Neck & Shoulders: £35.00 (45 minutes)

All appointments for Hot Stones require a full consultation and consent.

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