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Reflexology / Maternity Reflexology

Healthcare Cash Plans which cover Reflexology

The following Personal Cash Plans cover Reflexology and they recognise Practitioners registered with the Association of Reflexologists (AoR) of which I am a Full Member.

Sovereign Health Care
Healthcare / Healthshield
UK Healthcare

If you belong to one of the above plans check to see if you can claim for reflexology.
There is an excellent article on healthcare benefit plans by the money-saving expert Martin Lewis - find it at:

The Association of Reflexologists

The Association of Reflexologists (AOR) was formed in 1984 and maintains the highest standards in Reflexology; Members of the AoR are admitted following attainment of a Level 3 qualification. There are many courses and qualifications, but if you wish to become a reflexologist visit their website for further information on courses near you. Please note the AoR does not endorse or recommend distance / correspondence course.

There are several levels of membership for the AoR, and if you are seeking a qualified reflexologist you should check that they are qualified to MAR or F.MAR standard; MAR assures you that the reflexologist is a full Member of the AoR, and F.MAR stands for a Member who is a Full Member and has also been awarded Fellowship status of the Association of Reflexologists. AoR practitioners are trained to standards agreed by the AoR; we are bound by a strict Code of Ethics and Practice. Always ask to see their membership card and Policy of Insurance; they will be only too happy to provide you with sight of this information, having worked hard to achieve it!

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What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a wonderful, relaxing, non-invasive therapy mainly applied through the feet or hands; suitable for all ages and almost all health conditions. YOUR body is unique and wonderful and given the opportunity will always seek to self-heal; reflexology is generally found to be very relaxing and de-stressing - a less stressed YOU in mind, body and spirit may be all that is needed to allow your body the opportunity to start that very process...

Practised in ancient times in China, Japan, India, Russia and Egypt, reflexology uses subtle and varying pressure on reflex areas located on the feet (or hands), which is believed to correspond to all the vital organs and glands of the body. These reflex areas also correspond to the main meridians which pass through the feet.

Reflexology is a complementary and holistic therapy and all factors of a Client's lifestyle are taken into account, including life stresses, diet and medical history. I practise "Clinical Reflexology" the definition of which is:

" apply safe and effective reflexology techniques to a broad range of clients and adapt these treatments to a wide range of clinical conditions with which clients may present."

Your client record will include updating any additional information / changes noted by the Client (whether these are negative or positive), variations in any prescribed or self-prescribed medication, physical or emotional variations experienced together with a pictorial chart of the feet all of which are readily available for Client perusal. Keeping copious records is essential in a clinical environment and enables me to provide the most comprehensive and individual service for you.

All information is held confidentially, and no information is held electronically.

A reflexologist undergoes an intensive training course, which includes anatomy and physiology, history and theory of reflexology, diet and lifestyle assessment, as well as an extensive programme of practical work and assessment and Case Studies.

Formal evidence of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) has been required by the Association of Reflexologists since 1 January 2007 and is aimed at complying with government legislation affecting all alternative and complementary therapies, giving the public safe access to therapies of their choice.

Please note that any complementary health therapy is not a substitute for traditional medical care. As a professional practitioner I cannot diagnose, so please consult your GP or care giver if you have any concerns about a condition for which you feel a formal diagnosis is required. Always consult your GP / NHS Direct Wales or other healthcare provider if you have any health concerns.

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Maternity Reflexology: Can I use this safely? What happens? How often?

Maternity Reflexology can be provided from Week 14 of your pregnancy onwards.

Reflexology is considered very safe during pregnancy; a full consultation is always carried out at the first appointment and I also request that you inform your caregiver (your GP and midwife together with any other consultant or specialist) that you are receiving reflexology.

There are always exceptions to any rule and reflexology would NOT be advised if any of the following conditions were present or suspected:

  • Any recent vaginal bleeding
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Placenta previa
  • Hydroamnios (an excess of fluid around baby after Week 32)
  • Pre-eclampsia
  • Pre-term labour (any time prior to Week 37)

Maternity Reflexology can be used from Week 14 of your pregnancy. Pregnancy is a very special time, whether it is your first or subsequent pregnancy. Exercises and techniques can be used to prepare you and your birthing partner for active birth. Your birthing partner is welcome to attend with you during these sessions. Birth attendance can also be arranged, providing reflexology throughout labour. (This is subject to a charge by the hour, and therefore an advance estimate cannot be provided). Your body will experience considerable changes which will impact upon you emotionally as well as hormonally and the psychological balance of your body and Maternity Reflexologists have undergone additional training to meet the needs of pregnancy.

What Happens During a Treatment?
Firstly you will be asked to provide as much information as possible which will be accurately recorded. This will give overall picture of you, your general health, diet and lifestyle and to understand any pregnancy specific conditions that you may be facing.

Your session is unique to you, focusing upon your needs, but will always include plenty of relaxation techniques.

I recommend that you aim to have reflexology throughout your pregnancy, but appreciate that sometimes due to working commitments or financial considerations this is not always possible. I will work with you as best I can for your circumstances.

The most beneficial programme would be as follows:

Trimester I and II:
A session every 2-3 weeks.

Trimester III:
A session every 2 weeks, increasing to weekly intervals in the last month.

Birth attendance can also be arranged, providing reflexology throughout labour. (This is subject to an hourly charge, and therefore cannot be estimated in advance).

EDD / Delivery / Induction of Labour
Beyond your due date, a trained maternity reflexologist will continue to provide reflexology and support your well-being, providing relaxing sessions and allowing nature to take its natural course. I believe by supporting the mother-to-be and enabling her to be in the best frame of mind to welcome her baby this allows baby to feel safe, nurtured and ready to make his or her entrance to the world. In this balanced and relaxed state very often labour does commence, but it is baby who initiates this mystical process!

Reflexology can be given during labour with the consent of your midwife/hospital providing you with a therapy with which you and your baby have become familiar, providing reassurance and relaxation to mum and birthing partner.

Postnatal Care
Reflexology provides a well-being therapy to the mother in her new role and allows her some time just for herself to adjust to the many physical and emotional variations that always follow birth.

When seeking a reflexologist please ensure that you ask about their qualification to provide Maternity Reflexology - insist on seeing both the certificate and their Insurance Policy. They will be happy to share this with you, after all they've worked hard to achieve it! And you will know you are in safe hands.

What is the cost of sessions?
Consultation and 1st appointment (please allow up to 2 hours for this - dependant upon client's medical history): £45.00
Subsequent appointments (usually one and a quarter hours): £35.00 per session.

Are you able to make Home Visits?
Yes, this is possible, subject to a cost supplement which is individual to your location. For example, travel and time to appointments in Llanelli and Kidwelly carry a supplement of £10.00 per visit, in addition to the treatment costs.

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